Income Tax Calculator (India)
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Income Tax Calculator (India)

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Step 1: Keep your latest payslip handy!

Your payslip is the key thing for your Income Tax calculation. Grab your latest payslip, and keep it opened

Step 2: Keep all your investment details handy!

Be it your Rent receipts, Fixed deposits, Policy premiums, or whatever. Save all of these in a folder or repository where you could easily access from anywhere. You would need to enter the data in the excel sheet that you are going to download in the next step

Step 3: Have all the medical bills for this year beside your computer!

Medical exemption is available upto INR 15000 for a year. If you fail to declare, this amount becomes taxable, and you might want to pay tax for INR 15000.

Step 4: Open the Excel Sheet, and start entering your details!

The Excel sheet is a IT calculator which calculates your income tax in minutes, all you need to do is just enter your salary details in the excel sheet.


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